ERP Solutions

ERP solutions at Avaisys are devised to boost all the operations of the business. It promises a fulfilling implementation, upgrade and control of several prospects dealing with logistics, financial aspects, supply chain and other innumerable managerial services.

A strong grip on logistics and supply chain management enables us to provide our clients the serenity between suppliers and customers. Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the HR management, risk management, treasury and other similar areas. We have our services lined up for oil companies, insurance business, hospitals and retail. SAP B1 is crafted to administrator exterior prospects like warehouse, inventories and customer relationship.

ERP also holds the liberty to introduce Oracle financing and budgeting that delivers solutions relating to financial matters and business analytics. We take care of servers and databases with complete protection from outside threats and bugs. Oracle also keeps an eye on the customer relationship management for it’s sheer significance as a deciding factor.

Microsoft Dynamics refers to a set of specified solutions that will provide the client the precise tools to achieve success for their business. With an expertise in supply chain management and warehouse management, Microsoft dynamics conquers the work-ability of a business by introducing cut-throat solutions. It also has demand forecasting, modern point of sale (POS) and measures for an efficient planning of the budget.  

Supply chain Management

Oil and Gas Industry


Agri Commodity



We extensively involve SAP to leverage the best solutions to boom your businesses. With a robust and secure architecture SAP integrates the functioning of your systems and with a merged enterprise resource planning, it enables your company to do business globally

Oracle financing & Budgeting

In a pressurized market, budgeting and financing becomes a crucial measure to plan and maintain the executions of all the operations. Oracle facilitates the implementation, monitoring and adjustment of the finance and budget-related objectives in all the levels



Constituting of designing global templates and rollouts, consolidation, system upgradation and migration and custom development. ERP, being one of the most effective suites of applications that generates a world-class automation in many areas such as technology, services and human resources


We believe in synchronization of labour and network. Initiating ways to have a connection between the processed data and it’s usage at various places, we introduce cloud computing which will bring a much needed smoothness in data sharing and management, using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet.


Big Data

Handling and analyzing complex and extremely large sets of data is a worrisome task, but not anymore. We are here to assist you in having all the big data functions, both structured and unstructured- such as, data curation, search and analysis, done methodically and in a well-ordered structure.