How does Artificial Intelligence Enhance the Supply Chain?

he production and distribution of consumer goods and food products are not as cut and dry as it may seem to spectators. With the numerous challenges and complexities throughout the supply chain, artificial intelligence is rightfully standing at the forefront of technological solutions. This is because AI is enhancing efficiency from the first to the […]

5 Reasons to Adapt Blockchain Technology Today

You may have heard the term “blockchain technology” before, in related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, blockchain technology is such a critical element of cryptocurrencies that, digital currencies like Bitcoin cannot exist without it. The Blockchain is a technology based on the virtual digitized decentralized network with “blocks” of information. When you add any information to […]

10 Reasons to Outsource

Are you conflicted between hiring resources and outsourcing the whole process to a third party service provided? This guide talks about the pros of outsourcing. Please note that outsourcing has its risks and it is advised the thoroughly investigate the firm or the individual before signing a contract. However, lets go over a few reasons […]

7 things to look out for while setting up ERP

It integrates all departments and functions across a company in a single computer system that is able to serve all those different department’s particular needs. An ERP system also automates business processes by placing them into a useful format that is standardized and common for the whole organization. An ERP setup can lead you to […]